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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Keep Your Mouth Shut About These 6 Things To Keep Yourself Safe From Danger

mouth shut, shut up

People have been in many situations where they feel extremely difficult to respond to someone or something. We are always curios about everything and always thrive for communication and information. Be it in our fantasy or even in real life situation, reflect on whether we instantly react, if expressed, will make things better—or, keep it secret, come to worse.

There is always something that people couldn't tell to anyone, in seriousness at the middle of life and death. Communication to others is great but only in some extent, thus, something is meant not to be spread.

Some things around are not healthy and become toxic to the overall faculty to hear, so there are things that should be remained in you.

So here are 7 things that you should keep to yourself that could help you in the future:

1. All about your property

We live in a world that too many people are suffering from poverty, without a house to live in and capability to do so, and that led them to think of many evil things just to rise up over their bad situations.

They tend to be obsessed on too many things making them creatures of jealousy, where a little industrious you can be possibly deceived by this tricky creatures who will dupe your properties and make you in their situation.

You, the little industrious one, can just be duped by one of these scummy creatures, who will dupe you out of your property and make you homeless.

2. Personal issues with your family

By sharing personal issues you are more likely to bond with the wrong kind of people around you, as the issues with the family attract more negative emotions.

Well, I know that you are more than aware of the news about some teenagers being arrested for drug abuse that were linked in the problem within their family, by that the he perception becomes eager that even attracted wrong kinds of friends thinking that they are at the same boat.

What you need is to keep it yourself and get off of all the negatives around that could festered your life.

3. Charity

"If you do something good for someone else, make sure no one knows, not even your left hand" a famous hearsay in India.

This is because some people might think they deserve receiving end such good deeds simply, or they might feel jealous of you and the spiritual merit you earned from the exercise and resent you for it.

It is better to do charity as much as you can afford, but make sure you do it to the right people who need it, don't ever share what you did to others.

4. Your dreams and ambitions

In our world, there will always be people who hate us for no reason that will eventually mess up with us, making things that could discredit and take advantage on us.

Let us face the fact that the world is a tough place to live in, some people shouldn't be trusted.

5. Your religious affiliation

Other people seem to attack somebody who are in different path as they are, they tend to do communal violence, so it would be better to close yourself tightly with this especially if someone has asked you.

Just be nice to everyone and be understandable to others, we are all human beings and it is normal that we think different ways.

6. Secrets that others entrusted you

Once you are trusted with a secret don't ever try to share it with others, even secrets that you are not supposed to know, for the betterment of everyone. Remember that it is not your secret that you can freely tell to other people.

7. Your salary and compensation

"The beautiful rattle the teller machine makes counting the green" a famous quote.

Just like your properties nothing attracts negativity but your salary. It attracts jealousy from people around you especially your workmates, so it would be better if you say no amount to avoid criticism and deception from others.

Saying it too less or more can actually lead you to something bad, so be cautious of what you reveal to others you might get hurt if you wouldn't sink this in your mind.

Photo Credit: Kristina Flour on Unsplash

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