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Monday, September 2, 2019

Netizens Can’t Decide Whether This Girl’s Big Eyes Are Real or Not

Maria Oz

A young Instagram personality and visual artist named Maria Oz in Ukraine have been a topic in a lot of media outlets and social media platforms after her followers claimed her to be the person who has the "biggest eyes in the world".

Oz has a number of 117,000 followers around the globe that see her as the title-holder of the record.

But, there are also netizens who doubt that the images she posted were unnatural and had been altered, getting her photos edited with a long neck and different eye colors were some of the things that other people considered to come up with the conclusion that everything she posted was filtered by editing software.

Maria Oz

However, Maria Oz reportedly claimed to the public that she really had used altering software for her photos but she emphasized that she naturally has a large pair of eyes.

She also explained that her eyes are larger than average that made her stand out among others and what made here into the situation where people doubt the legitimacy of her eyes' size.

In an interview with the Obozrevatel, Oz seemed not to be bothered by the criticisms she received about her eyes accusing her to take things for granted to gain popularity and attract attention.

Moreover, Maria Oz is now a successful model who has a long field of experiences in spite of all the things that happened to here.

Well, all of us know that Maria Oz is not the only one who does such a thing to look adorable but there are also a lot of social media personalities who used software and doing it.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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