Thursday, September 12, 2019

New Millions of Cash Smuggling Allegations Raises to Pastor Quiboloy and Associates

Kristina Angeles, a follower of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, a Philippines-based mega-church, putted the officials of the movement in allegations after she testified that their leaders had smuggled cash of hundreds of thousands dollars from the mega-church funds.

She claimed that she saw pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the church founder, and Felina Salinas, Hawaii branch manager, smuggling money from California to the Philippines twice in different occasions on 2013 and 2014.

Quiboloy and Salinas were arrested last year in Quiboloy's private plane after the Hawaiian authorities found out and seized the $350, 000 undeclared money of the mega-church.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Albanese said that the smuggled cash was concealed in socks and packed in suitcases.

"Church members concealed U.S. currency in black socks,”Albanese wrote.

“The socks were packed in a suitcase which was transported to the Philippines.” he added.

However Felina Salina's attorney, Michael Green, accused Angeles on fabricating her claim and giving only conflicting accoun.

“I have a woman who says she saw $100,000 go from California to the Philippines, then she said it was two or three million," Green said. “She says it was put in socks. They must have parishioners with size 18 feet because the socks must have been really big." Green said.

In the court another issue was disclosed after the case of sexual abuse that Angeles had allegedly committed had opened up, but the court said that the charges are all based on perjured testimony of the mother after text messages evidence was found out showing the connection of salina's and the victim's mother.

In the message it shows:

"Please sis do something … everything in your power to speed this up … Please deport her ASAP," Salinas texted.

"I cannot sleep thinking I have to lie in federal court … I have never done that ever in my life," the mother responded as if acknowledging giving false testimony.

Sources around the glove said that Quiboloy's churches can generate millions and millions of money from tithes and offerings for just a year.

"I have no doubt that the mission -- that where this money goes -- may wind up in the Philippines and then from there it’s disbursed all over the world to different churches,” said Green.

“There’s an elementary school, a high school, a college. There’s a school for missionaries. I saw a photograph where they are feeding hundreds and hundreds of people who are victims of floods and earthquakes." He added.

But besides the good deeds there are also dark side of the church.

"For evening solicitations, Salinas instructed the workers to go to bars and strip clubs because she said intoxicated males were easy to solicit from,” Maloian wrote.

 “Kristina’s goal was $2,500 daily. If a worker didn’t raise enough on a given day, Salinas would tell them they had a ‘devil spirit’ in them and that was why they were not able to raise enough money." She added.

Angeles had been a part of the church from her 16 years of age way back 2015, and according to Maloian, Angeles was told by Salinas to “'obey' the pastor and give herself" to him.

"Kristina was then locked in the pastor’s room and although she resisted, he forced himself on her," Maloian wrote.

However, pastor Quiboloy denied that he sexually abused Angeles and claimed that no women in his church were sexually trafficked.

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