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Monday, September 2, 2019

Pastor threatens men opposing him to make them impotent

Pastor threatens men opposing him to make them impotent

Controversial city pastor James Ng'ang'a is making headlines once again for all the wrong reasons. The Nairobi city preacher who has in the recent past been trending online for his many shenanigans has irked quite a number of people after sending threats to male members of his church and others from outside.

In a video shot during his recent sermon at his church, the pastor was seen and heard sending a warning to male members of his church who had allegedly disrespected him. It is not yet clear what his subjects had done to him but judging with his public rant, it had everything to do with his wife, lol.

According to the man of God, he will not tolerate men who mess with him and will do everything in his power to ensure he has "blocked" their manhood as punishment.

Ng'ang'a said the men will be looking at their wives and lovers and will not be able to do anything with them, thanks to his ''punishment''.
''Men who will joke with me, I will be blocking your 'things' like this, you will just be seeing your wives using your eyes and won't be able to do anything else, you cows. You keep on joking with me, I will block them,'' he said.

The pastor clearly knew what he was doing as he also urged Kenyans to ensure the video trends so that more men gets his message.
'Make this trend too,'' he added.
His remarks was received with mixed reaction by Kenyans on social media with many condemning him for his unorthodox teachings and pieces of advise.

It is important to note this is not the first time the Neno leader is making headlines because of his controversial sentiments. Just recently, Ng'ang'a became an online sensation with his "matuta" slur in which he attacked some of his church leaders for disrespecting his wife. Following the rant, several leaders ditched his church and started their own.

By Douglas Mwarua, Tuko

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