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Monday, September 16, 2019

Researchers of Institut Pasteur Eliminated HIV-Infected Cells


Researchers of Institut Pasteur in Paris announced a breakthrough that they succeed on destroying HIV/AIDS to eliminate infected reservoir cells.

Institut Pasteur is a renowned international center for biomedical research that deals with the fundamental mechanisms of living organisms and certain public health challenges.

"The antiretroviral treatment used today is designed to block HIV infection but it is not able to eliminate the virus from the body," Institut Pasteur spokesperson said.

HIV/AIDS is currently treated with antiretroviral drugs that perhaps has no assurance on removing or actively killing the virus but only preventing the infected cells from replicating and multiplying.

Antiretroviral drugs are medicines used for the management of HIV and AIDS to control the spread of the infection, and it was classified by the phase of the retrovirus life-cycle that it inhibits.

Never to late, not so long ago the Cell Metabolism published findings announcing that scientists had found a way to eliminate HIV infection.

With this potential breakthrough in the field of research conducted by the Institut Pasteur we can now ensure that we can successfully destroyed cells infected with HIV virus.

"The virus remains in reservoirs - the CD4 T lymphocyte immune cells, the main targets of HIV." One of the researcher explained.

Cells with high metabolic activity are the target of HIV virus in order to multiply and peplicate.

"Thanks to metabolic activity inhibitors, the researchers have managed to destroy these infected cells, or "reservoirs","

Therefore, we can conclude that the potential of the research findings paved way towards the success of eliminating and destroying HIV-infected cells.

After the assessment of results of the test with the metabolic inhibitors outside of the living body.

With this, we can say that the infection and virus can be eradicated altogether if the viral load is low, keeping it from spreading in the body and drawing it out.

With the initiative of the Institut Pasteur, AmfAR (American Foundation for AIDS research) and Sidaction the study had come to place and made a breakthrough in the discipline of medicine.

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