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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Talking to Yourself is Good for Your Health

Talking to Yourself is Good for Your Health

According to Lisa Ferentz, a psychotheraphist , in her book, "Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons From the Therapist’s Couch," talking to yourself throughout the day is clinically in the right side of a science that could actually help you to overcome present and future without you knowing it.

Talking to yourself like saying, "I'm going to be late" can actually come to the aid of developing greater outlook ahead of time.

Because expressing one's inner thoughts can find out how to develop a positive attitude towards something which we should all start doing.

“There’s nothing more important than the way we talk to ourselves because that inner monologue informs in subtle and not-so-subtle ways all our subsequent thoughts, emotional states, and behavioral choices,”  Frentz said.

Ferentz uses this method to help her clients on developing positive attitude when they are making it pretty hard for themselves to face the day and encounter negativity.

To be able to have a healthy mental health, she said that one has to write down everything that he/she aspires in life, soundness and positive characteristics; and say it loud in front of the mirror.

“Like anything else, once you practice and approach it from a positive place, you discover it’s quite easy to do. It guides our life whether we’re conscious of it or not,” says Ferentz.

In fact, the University of Lethbridge found in their study that students who were taught how to stop negative self talk for good were able to change their perspectives, attitudes, and reactions.

With that, Ferentz encourages everyone to explore their inner thoughts and feelings into a potentially bad situation.

“When we whisper positively to ourselves it gives us a little more strength and courage so we can meet a challenging scenario head on.”

That's why in another study, it founds out that athletes who were fond on positive self-talk during games are more likely to win the competition.

However, you can also think of your exasperation just like for positive self-talk but in a right way.

“There’s definitely a value to understanding what you’re feeling whether it’s positive or negative. Saying negative thoughts out loud can be very validating,”  Ferentz explained.

“Bringing the negative stuff you’re thinking and feeling to the surface then gives you the opportunity to reevaluate it.” she added.

At the end, try to ask yourself if it's useful to keep your thoughts in you, if it bothers you can process and let it go. However, talking to yourself is way better for your well-being.

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