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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Teen Who Has 5-inch Thumb Opens Up its Benefits on His Achievements

5-inch thumb

Jacob Pina, a teen social media personality, has become the topic in the internet's weird and oddity world after his TikTok followers noticed in his video that he has an appendage or naturally long thumb.

He gained popularity after he became a subject in different social media sites and later called him the "Thumb Boy" garnering 150,000 followers across the world.

With a 5-inch-long thumb finger, the teen didn't expect that his supposed abnormality will storm on the internet where people likely to compare his thumb to the size of a bill note, phone, and even a can.

However, Jacob sees his appendage as an advantage to him especially when it comes to popularity and also to thumb war by which he never lost even a single round.

It may sound weird to other people as he possesses such a long thumb, but he surely realized that if people reacted on his thumb it wasn't like that he is being bullied but it is a normal reaction from them after seeing rare things.

"I was sitting with my friend Alec and this kid named Cameron and he said: ‘Wow, look at this kid’s thumb.’ I said: ‘What do you mean, my thumb?’ And he called over his friends and they were like ‘whoa, whoa, whoa’ and basically that’s when I realized. It wasn’t bullying, just they’d never seen anything like it before." Pina explained.

That's why he became more persevere rather than be discouraged to what he feels after what others might say to him.

"When people see my thumb, they freak out and measure it next to their own thumb, I feel great about it. It’s always great to be different and embrace your own essence." He said.
Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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