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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Used Panties of Adolf Hitler’s Wife Sold for almost $5,000 During an Auction in UK

panty, Eva Braun  panty

In a news from CNN Europe, a strange phone bidder in the United Kingdom paid $4,600 for a pair of underpants that was believed to have belonged to Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Anna Paula Braun Hitler.

This must be the strangest item that everyone heard in an auction where a person is willing to pay a high amount of money for used panties.

Eva Braun was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler, and for less than 40 hours as his wife on 1945 after they committed suicide a day after their wedding. 
People are wondering why a person would purchase such item, and what he/she would going to do with it.

Never too late, the anonymous phone bidder also bought Braun's cotton nightgown for £2,600 during the auction.

However, the Holocaust Educational Trust said that items like Eva Braun's undergarments only belong in the museums for proper historical context.

"It has long been our view that it is not appropriate for items like this to be on the market for personal profit or macabre interest but rather placed in archives, museums or in an educational context," Karen Pollock, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said.

High level World War II figures property typically sell for high prices in auction, that's why auctioneer are dying to sell it.

"There continues to be a perennial interest in personal artefacts from such notorious high level WWII figures and accordingly such items, even without provenance, command high prices," Jonathan Humbert, an auctioneer, said in a statement.

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