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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Vietnam’s Popular Roasted "Lizard Rice Meal" Terrifies Netizens

fried lizard, roasted lizard, lizard meal

In Asia we can find a lot of exotic dishes, or meals of unusual recipes. And in Asian, Vietnam is crowned to be the home of the strangest and most unique cuisines in the globe. This culinary can be seen terrified, but they are part of a long history of culture.

Roasted ‘Lizard Rice" is a very popular meal in Vietnam today, that you can find worthwhile than your regular 5-star food package.

fried lizard, roasted lizard, lizard meal

The meal is very affordable and you don't have to go get out of your comfort zones just to buy, because it is easily accessible at the streets of Vietnam where you can eat as if you belong to the locals.

"Bon Appétit!" Only thing that you'll hear along the streets that were full of stalls of foods.

fried lizard, roasted lizard, lizard meal

A Malaysian-Chinese viral site recently invaded the social media with the photos of their lizard rice bowl, where they captioned to be as highly recommended meal in Vietnam that everybody should give a try.

However, some netizens seem not to like the idea of eating the said roasted lizard rice bowl as they felt grossed out of it.

“Netizens can’t accept that the Vietnamese use roasted lizards to make such bizarre food like the ‘Lizard rice bowl’. Whoever has a lot of lizards at home, maybe you’ll earn heaps if you sell them to Vietnam!” Netizens wrote.

fried lizard, roasted lizard, lizard meal

An excellent proposition, at this point a lot of people would desire to become a lizard farmer/supplier, considering that they might be given the luck on how the lizards are packaged, sold and cooked in Vietnam!

Well, some people might find it strange and difficult to understand but there are really people who enjoy eating what do we considered terrifying cuisines.

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