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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Duende: History and Origin of this Tiny Elemental Creature

duende, duwende, dwarf, gnome, goblin

Duwende also known as goblin, hobgoblin, elf, dwarf, gnome, little spirits and more, is one of the popular mythical creatures of Latin America and the Philippine folklore. They are believed to be little possessesor kind of creatures, where can be commonly found in mound but some in house, tree, underground and other rural areas. People mistaken them from the "nuno sa punso" or "old man at the mound," but they are completely different.

Usually, duwende was believed to come out during noon for an hour and at night. They are able to confer and bestow good or bad fortune to people depending on how they were treated. Filipinos believe that leaving food on the floor as their offering to Duwende can make their life peaceful and homes be protected. However, Duwende is a little trickster who love to conceal and steal things, and laugh while looking at you searching for it, they will only return it once you beg for them. At worst, they can also cause sickness or even death upon its victim.

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