Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Gunman Shoots Bird Out Of Sky, Crashes Into His Crotch

Gunman Shoots Bird Out Of Sky, Crashes Into His Crotch

Footage shows the bird zooming from the sky like a feathery bolt of lightning, thwacking straight into the unlucky hunter’s genitals. And his discomfort is palpable.

The force of the bird’s relatively small body caused the man to drop to the floor; clutching his privates while emitting groans of pained regret. All the while, his off-camera companions can be heard chuckling gleefully.

No doubt he will cause quite a stir upon reaching the great tree in the sky, regaling his feathered friends with tales of how he bowled down the unsuspecting hunter like a trigger-happy bowling pin.

From Daffy Duck to the dodos, there will be a mighty squawk of applause as this brave little bird hops and flutters into the history books, his valour rewarded with the finest twigs and the juiciest worms.

One person commented:

The bird be like ‘I ain’t going down alone’

The bird deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for a job well done.

Another remarked:

I love Karna [sic]. He got what he deserved.

Gunman Shoots Bird Out Of Sky, Crashes Into His Crotch

It’s unclear where exactly this footage was taken, however it’s believed to originate in the US. It’s also not immediately obvious what sort of bird this was.

I’d like to think this wince-worthy incident would teach the gunman a valuable lesson, making him think twice before shooting at living, breathing creatures.

However, in all honesty, we humans just aren’t as smart as birds when it comes to figuring out this sort of thing, and I don’t hold out much hope.

RIP to a legend. Soar high, little guy.

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