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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Netizens Sign Petion to Jail "Akosi Dogie" After He Illegally Streamed Clips of One Piece Stampede Movie

Akosi Dogie, One Piece Stampede
Akosi Dogie, has been a topic of controversy after he allegedly violated the Anti Camcording Act of 2010 (RA10088) and the Cyber Crime Law for showing on his live-stream some clips of "One Piece Stampede" illegally taken from the cinema.

Akosi Dogie is a French streamer who rosed to fame due to his Mobile Legends streams online. However, the famous streamer has been putted in the hot seat recently after he allegedly obtained the "video clips file" associated with pirated movie.

He denied the allegation against him, saying that he got it from the official trailer, however, the screenshots from those who have seen the video showed otherwise.

The violation he committed was evident after screenshots showed that the cinema chairs were vividly shown on a post in his official Facebook page.

TOEI animation, ODEX Philippines and SM malls still hasn't make a legal action regarding the issue where violation of the law is evidently clear.

Akosi Dogie, One Piece Stampede

However, fans and other people were outraged after what happened and started a petition online pushing Akosi Dogie to be liable of his action, as the petitioners believed that if action is taken to tackle this blatant violation, we can prevent the repeat of such violation.

You can view the petition by clicking the text below:

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