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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ninja Van Riders Steal Parcels’ Items, Customers Urge to Boycott the Courier

ninja van
Clients of Ninja Van - Philippines, a famous logistics provider, were enraged with their experiences with the said courier after their shocking encounters with the poor service attitude and lack of responsibility of the commercial business.

They are demanding the public to boycott Ninja Van for exhibiting such horrible work ethics, putting the reputation of partner shops in vain and bringing inconvenience and disappointment to customers.

A Facebook video urging the Ninja Van to explain the anomaly received a lot of sympathy with the netizens who claimed that they also experienced the same thing.

In the video, a shop owner revealed the modus of the delivery service business along with some witnesses and the delivery rider by opening a parcel package that was returned to her (seller) where a 24 carat gold bracelet was supposed to be inside, but after opening it they only found a soap.

The shop owner claimed that this was not the first time it happened to her, almost P24,000 worth of items was stolen, and a serious matter like this taking advantage of consumerism and damaging the business should be eliminated.


Meanwhile, other consumers commented their encounters with the said courier exemplifying bad habits.

Some Ninja Van riders showing such selfish attitude of stealing items is intolerable, so I am urging you to boycott it as soon as you can do, we don't know how much more they will put the customers and sellers in such greedy ways of them.

"Thou shalt not steal," the Bible says.

God loathes thieves and liars, so by tolerating the act, we are no different at all. That's why we should raise our hands together and gather, make a movement to stop this unorthodox habit.

We no longer need such unreliable deliveries from them, there are many alternatives around that could satisfy our needs in such good manners.

By epitomizing such uncivil behavior deserves to be withdrawn from commercial business as a punishment or protest. If we continue to patronage this kind of nasty behaviors from their riders, we are only giving them reason to pursue their morally wrong trade.

ninja van

ninja van

ninja van

ninja van

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