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Friday, October 4, 2019

Santelmo Fire: History and Origin


Santelmo (St. Elmo's Fire) is a well-known creature of the Philippine mythology, appears as ball of fire in fields and swamps, its appearance is believed to appraise omen of heavenly intervention to people. Some believed that Santelmo materializes to seek revenge, but others also claimed that they are souls seeking for peace.

The word Santelmo is coined after the name of St. Elmo, a patron saint of the early Mediterranean sailors challenging the powers of storm and sea in small sailing vessels.

In Philippine lore, Santelmo is a spirit of human-being who had died near a swamp, river, lake, sea or during heavy rains, also known as the lost souls. They have the appearance of ghostly dancing flame to natural fireworks, naturally bluish-white color with only lifetime of minutes.

They are the creatures of midnight bouncing and rolling along the way straying travelers and sailors on their way. With their heat-less and non-consuming flames, occasionally accompanied by hissing sound they can make people dizzy and insane.

It was believed that whoever spotted the ball of fire should run for their lives, it can either get you lost or killed you by drowning. Also, others believe that the fireball will chase a person as soon as it spots him.

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