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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Warning Signs That The Person Is Evil

evil person

Angels are not the only creature you can encounter in your daily lives, there are also devils that could ruin your life. They live in the shape of a normal human being manifesting the same traits but truly evil.These creatures are good at nothing but emitting negativity and bad luck. They are human that can be very apathetic, self absorbed and pessimistic people that you wouldn't even think what really they are.

These evil people appear to be friendly, kind and innocent in the start, but as the time passes by, they will start to reveal who truly they are, cunning and intelligent creatures. So before they show you their true colors, you should spot and avoid them right away as they can only cause you harm.

The following are the 12 signs which show if someone in your life is a evil or if he/she is hiding behind the geniality of that innocent smile:

1. Denial of truth and reality

This kind of people cannot accept the truth and reality, they always cling to what they really think is right and often to falsehood. They are always in the state of denial, denying everything of something. However, this kind of trait is what they use to fool people at times, the denial of what is wrong and what is right. They are able to withstand the truth and fact in the very front of you in a very convincing way.

2. Twisting of facts and spreading errors

 For an evil mind, twisting of facts is way too easy in order to manipulate someone. They are able to put you in a situation where you will have no choice but to accept, leaving you believing in a constructed imaginary facts or errors. Do not be deceive of how they portray themselves, they are horrible creatures meant to do bad things.

3. Secretive, way of keeping things from you

Keeping an information secret is not generally a bad thing. But when it comes to narcissists and evil doers, this information becomes a weapon to conquer someone or something at the very least. They can keep necessary information from you to arouse your sleeping curiosity that could lead you to danger.

4. Misrepresentation and Misleading

Controlling people is never enough for them, they also do mislead people on purpose so that they can look good in front of others. For them it is the best way to win someone's trust and leaving them with no choice but to follow.

5. No remorse or sign of regret

Evil doers never been ashamed of what they inflicted to others, they only feel relieved of doing unorthodox things.They don't have conscience, they only focused on destroying and harming others for their sake.

6. Liar, liar!

Lying comes to this type of creature naturally! They are not supposed to be trusted of something. They are completely cunning and liar.

7. No sense of responsibility

Well, evil people never admit defeat and fault, if been accused of doing something they will eventually refuse and deny, as if they have nothing to do with it and no memory at all. They will only bind the fault to you by accusing them and attack you in emotional way so that the attention will be transferred to you.

8. Good manipulators and deceivers

They are extremely incomparable on playing mind games with people, they know what they really want and they will get it anyhow, without considering other people might suffer..

9. Fair-weathered friends

This is a kind of friend that only came during good days and vanished at the difficult situations, you’ll never find them when you need help or are in trouble of any sort. They're only taking you for granted.

10. Hungry of time

Time of others is what they primarily wanted to steal, they will make everything just to get used of the time of others, and they cannot digest other people succeeding over them.

11. Multiple personality or lives

Maybe you are wondering why it happened that there are some people who seem different from what they truly are, kind of confusing, but you never know which among it showed their true selves. They protect their past very fiercely and can go any extreme to keep it intact.

12. Very Controlling

They feel feel high and mighty making others look and feel themselves low and miserable.
These people just love controlling others because it gives them all the power to play people like dolls.

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