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Sunday, October 27, 2019

WATCH: Boy Instantly Regrets Taunting Snake With His Tongue


You don't have to be a genius to know that annoying a wild animal, especially those who might be venomous or dangerous, really isn't a good idea. You can argue that it takes a lot of bravery to disturb a wild animal, but it also requires a reckless disregard for nature, and there are consequences for those who act in that manner.

If you want proof then just take a gander at the following video, which has gone viral on social media this week, showing just how dangerous it can be to irritate an animal with very sharp teeth.

Watch the toe-curling moment the guy gets bitten in the video below: 

The clip in question shows a group of young men from Makassar in Indonesia. One boy, goaded by an older companion, steps forward when his friend gets a hold of a large green snake. Encouraged by the others, he sticks his tongue out to taunt the reptile, only to instantly be bitten get bitten on his tongue when he gets too close.

The young boy looks absolutely terrified as the snake latches onto his tongue, and although the other men are eventually able to get the snake to release him, he appears understandably unsettled. It is unknown if the child was seriously injured as a result.

Indonesia is home to a number of species of snake, many of which are extremely dangerous, including the King Cobra, Sumatran Spitting Cobra, and Javanese Spoon Snake.

Judging by the brown spots on its back and its relative size, the snake in question appears to be a Reticulated Python - a type of constrictor that is not venomous. Still, a bite from one is clearly very painful.

By:Callum Henderson, VT

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