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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Chinese Boss Washes Feet Of Her Top-performing Sales Staff To Thank Them For Their Hard Work

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A boss in China had an unusual way of expressing her gratitude for her workers' hard work. She knelt on the ground to wash their feet.

According to a report by Daily Mail Online, the president of a cosmetic firm along with a senior executive were seen in a recent viral video crouching down on a stage ready to bathe their employee’s feet.

They were rewarding their top-performing sales staff who had signed on the most customers, according to reports.

The event took place on November 2 at an award ceremony in Jinan, eastern China's Shandong Province, reported Star Video.

The firm, whose name has not been revealed, specialises in selling cosmetic products.

The video shows the two company officials putting their palms together as they walk down the aisle and bow towards the stage, where the group of eight staff members are already sitting on chairs behind basins of water.

Afterwards, they are seen hugging their sales staff and washing their feet in front of their colleagues in the city of Jinan

According to the report, one supporter wrote on China's Twitter-style Weibo: 'This is a way to say thank you. I support it very much.'

Another Weibo user wrote: 'This is normal. You have made so much money for me. Washing feet for you is nothing.'

However, some apparently called it a low-class stunt and said it was a clever way for the boss to avoid giving her staff bonuses.

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