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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Convicted Murderer Claims Life Sentence Is Served After He Briefly Died

Benjamin Schreiber

A convicted murder claims he should be released from his life sentence in prison because he briefly died while sick.

Benjamin Schreiber was sentenced to life without parole in Iowa in the US for bludgeoning a man to death in 1996.

The 66-year-old now claims his sentence ended when his heart stopped during a medical emergency four years ago, even though he was revived.

Schreiber fell ill in prison in 2015 with kidney stones and was taken to hospital after he collapsed in his cell. He was rushed to emergency surgery and resuscitated five times.

He claims that because he 'momentarily died' at the hospital that his life sentence has been served and took a case to the court of appeals.

Schreiber claims he is "imprisoned illegally and should be immediately released."

But judges this week have denied his claim and said Schreiber's bid, while original, was "unpersuasive".

A district court had previously ruled against Schreiber a decision his lawyer then took to the Iowa Court of Appeal.

On Wednesday, the appeals court upheld the lower court's ruling and added that his sentence would not end until a medical examiner formally declares him dead.

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