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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Guy Drowns As Onlookers Film Him Rather Than Helping

A swimmer in India was left to drown while onlookers made little attempt to help save him and instead filmed the harrowing scene.

Jaffer Ayub, 19, had gone to swim with two of his friends at a disused quarry in Kalburgi in Karnataka state, when the tragic accident took place on Friday, November 15.

The teenager took a run up before diving confidently into the water and swimming a few metres away from the shore. He started to loop back towards dry land but appeared to get tired before he could get a good grip on the shore.

Ayub momentarily went under the water and started to thrash around but despite seeing him struggling the person behind the camera continued to film the scene.

Another boy, who was stood on the shore just inches from Ayub, reached his hand out to the 19-year-old but drew it back before the swimmer had chance to take hold.

Ayub continued to bob up and down in the water as he desperately tried to stay afloat but before long the lack of air seemed to get the better of him and the teen failed to re-emerge from beneath the surface.

There were reportedly a number of onlookers at the quarry, including a group of women, but not one of them went to Ayub’s aid. Those nearby had numerous opportunities to help the struggling boy, either by leaning out and taking hold of his arm or by jumping in the water to help him, but they simply stood by and watched the tragic events unfold.

A police officer said the onlookers were likely ‘too terrified to help’ the teen by the time they realised what was happening.


They added:

They ventured into a deep pond created by a stone quarry without knowing how to swim well.
They probably did not realise that he was drowning.
The group reportedly only raised the alarm after realising the 19-year-old disappeared under the water. A few passersby helped to pull Ayub from the water but by then he had already passed away.

Police have registered a case and are now investigating the incident.

This is not the only recent example from India where a person was left to their fate as onlookers watched and filmed without helping. Earlier this month, a 53-year-old man burned to death in his car as passersby filmed the horrific scene rather than offering their help.

Our thoughts are with the teenager’s friends and family at this tragic time.

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