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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

KFC Customer Horrified To Find Handwritten NOTE In His Fried Chicken

KFC, fried chicken

A KFC customer was horrified to find a handwritten note inside the meat of his chicken meal order.

Ken Hyde ordered a two piece variety meal a KFC restaurant near a hotel he was staying.

As he chewed away on a piece of fried chicken, he was disgusted to find a handwritten note embedded inside the meat.

Ken, from Kent, immediately threw the food away and issued a complaint to KFC.

The fast food restaurant chain offered him a £7 voucher for the inconvenience, but failed to issue him a refund, Ken said.

KFC, fried chicken

The 26-year-old, who works as a chartered accountant, said: "I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

"And I was just disgusted to be honest. Especially, since the paper was literally embedded into the chicken.

"Wouldn’t expect that from a large chain such as KFC.

"I took pictures and threw it in the hotel bin and complained to them on Twitter and also emailed them.

"They apologised and gave me a £7 voucher which expired within a Few months Not even a refund.

“Never been back to KFC since and won’t be going back ever.”

Ken has since posted pictures of the chicken meal box on Twitter, showing the paper note doused in chicken batter.

[ By The Sun ]

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