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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Man Blows Up Septic Tank & Spilled Poop In His Whole House After He Lit Cigarette In Toilet

septic tank, poop

Going to take a poo in the toilet is for many people, a pretty private moment where you’re both completely relaxed and also totally vulnerable. After all, when you’re with your pants down, you have every intention of being at ease. And some people may choose to accompany these moments by using their phone, or in some cases, smoking a cigarette.

But you might want to be careful about lighting up your cigarette, as this story from China Press comes to show!

The incident, which apparently happened in Jawa, Indonesia, involves a man living in East Jakarta who was probably not thinking too much about going to the toilet to do his business.

And as some would do when they’re about to do number two (that rhymes!), he lit up a cigarette and sat down to unwind. Only, instead of having a few relaxing moments to himself, the unthinkable happened:

Yes, after lighting up his cigarette, the man’s toilet exploded. Actually, it wasn’t just his toilet either, because as the story reports, the entire septic tank of the man’s house exploded after it was found that the tank contained too much biogas!

septic tank, poop

The force of the explosion was so strong, it ripped through the man’s home, breaking through the ground and destroying his living room, bedroom and kitchen in the blink of an eye. But if that wasn’t bad enough, his walls and floors were all stained brown. You can probably guess where that brown came from…

Villagers who heard the explosion rushed to the man’s house, only to find him standing in the middle of a crater where his toilet used to be, before lighting up a second cigarette to inhale from it. Walao, damn badass.

But upon being sent to a hospital, it was found that he was actually badly injured during the incident. Despite that, the man continued to hold on to his packet of cigarettes!

According to local authorities, a buildup of biogas in sewage tanks and pipes isn’t unheard of, but they tend to be properly released to avoid possible explosions from occurring. Authorities also cautioned against lighting open flames near septic tanks and pipes to prevent instances like this from happening.

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