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Saturday, November 23, 2019

This Gigantic Statue Of Baby Jesus Is The Absolute Spits Of Phil Collins

Gigantic Statue Of Baby Jesus

A Mexican church has commissioned a huge statue of the baby Jesus that looks pretty much exactly like singer Phil Collins.

The sculpture was commissioned for the church La EpifanIa del Señor, according to the New York Post.

It is 22-feet tall, weighs over 2,000 pounds — and against all odds it somehow looks more like the lead singer of Genesis than the son of God.

Gigantic Statue Of Baby Jesus

The church's priest Humberto Rodriguez said that he only wanted something that would "fit the church."

He was taken aback by the size of the statue once it arrived saying he "never intended to make it the biggest baby Jesus statue in the world."

Whether it actually takes the record has yet to be confirmed, but it’s certainly f***ing massive.

"There is a space of between 26 feet between the ceiling and the floor and I ordered a statue measuring 21 feet, but I never intended to make it the biggest baby Jesus statue in the world," he says.

Gigantic Statue Of Baby Jesus

Can't wait to see that church's crib this Christmas, currently wondering if Joseph will look like Peter Gabriel.

The Guinness record-holder for tallest statue of Jesus Christ is 'Christ the King.' It measures 120-feet tall and is located in Swiebodzin, Poland and was completed on November 6, 2010.
Even if this isn't the biggest Jesus statue in the world, however, we're pretty sure it's the biggest Phil Collins one.

Phil himself has not commented on the statue, but we do know him and the son of god are pretty well acquainted...

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