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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Dave The Duck Had Penis Removed After Trying To Mate 10 Times A Day

duck, dave

A sex-mad duck had to have his penis removed after it became “traumatised” when he tried to mate 10 times a day.

Randy Dave the duck became injured after refusing to stop mating with pond-friends Dora, Freda and Edith.

The excessive mating only came to an end after Dave’s penis became “traumatised” and his owner, Josh Watson, 39, intervened.

Duck owner Josh, from Torquay, Devon, took Dave to the vet where he had his manhood removed.

duck, dave

The poorly animal was also prescribed antibiotics and painkillers and, with vets telling Josh and his partner to wash his penis daily.

Male ducks like Dave have corkscrew-shaped penis' with ridges and backward pointing flesh.

At full length, the a duck's penis can reach 20cm and exists within a sack in its body which ejects from the sack when it becomes erect.

Highlighting the importance of checking a duck’s d**k, veterinary clinic High Croft Rabbit, Small Mammal & Exotic Pets shared a picture of Dave’s poorly member.

duck, dave

It read: “I’m afraid this post will make 50% of our followers wince but it’s an important post nonetheless.

“Dave the duck was referred to us recently after he got himself into a little pickle.

“Dave lives with lots of females and he pays a lot of attention to his females.

“This resulted in his penis become traumatised and infected.

“A duck's penis is only used for mating, not urination.

“So Dave underwent surgery to remove his penis.”

The post has since received 459 likes, 305 comments and was shared 246 by concerned users.

Updating the public on Dave’s condition, the clinic wrote: "He went home the same day and has been given strict instructions to stay away from his lady friends”.

In response to the post, one Duck owner said: “Poor Dave! After my drake died my lady ducks missed him so much they started taking turns with each other!

“I bet Dave still goes through the motions, just with no ducky dicky.”

While a second said: “Oh Dave,” with several face-palm emojis.

[ By Daily Star ]

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