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Friday, December 27, 2019

Nanlilimahid na Kusina ng Isang Samgyup Resto, In-expose ng Isang Netizen


Sa facebook post ni Jam Blauta, isang food blogger, in-expose niya ang isang  Korean resto na napakadumi ng kusina. Inireklamo at kinuha raw niya ang atensiyon ng resto sa pag-message sa facebook page ngunit siya ay sineen zone lamang.

Jam Blauta

Narito ang kumpletong post ni Jam Blauta:

Would you eat in a reataurant with this kind of kitchen? Unfortunately, I did, and I only found out after eating. Didn’t want to expose the brand, so I messaged the specific brand istead and told about our experience re: this kitchen, meat quality(scrap portioning and yellowish plain beef), bad exhaust and servers slacking while service was dragging (3 servers seating at the waiting area inside the restu). I messaged them because I am fron the same industry, and I am concerned about the people and myself who is and will be dining in who can potentially suffer from food poison due to substandard food safety practices. However, instead of getting an apology or a response for future actions, I just got seen zoned, and never replied until now (I messaged last night). Hence, I am putting this out here to ahow awareness to my friends and family to avoid SAMGYUPSALAMAT ASEANA 3, PASAY BRANCH, for it seems like they don’t care about us, consumers and food safety standards. It’s up to you if you want to share or not so you could FYI your own family and friends as well. I hope this will all learn from this. Thank you!




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