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Monday, December 16, 2019

This Dog Won’t Leave Until Kids Are Left Safe And Sound In School Bus

loyal dog

If you ever doubted the fact that dogs truly are the most kind, loving and caring creatures on the planet then I dare you to watch this clip and disagree with me.

In possibly the most heartwarming footage to ever exist on this planet, a ginormous mastiff dog called Gordon sits at the end of his driveway watching his girls safely getting picked up by their school bus, every single morning without fail.

I told you. Dogs are THE BEST in the world.

There’s nothing quite like the pure love and loyalty from a four-legged furry friend to its little human companions. It’s an unbreakable bond.

In the clip, the gorgeous sandy coloured mastiff gleefully turns back towards his home after the little girls are safely boarded on the bus and on their way to school.

The video was shared by Twitter account Humor and Animals, and if you haven’t seen their account before, I seriously recommend checking it out if you’re in need of some heartwarming LOLs during this bleak Monday.

He does it all the time!

Following on from the clip, the account shared a picture from Gordon’s human mummy, Becky Lynn, showing Gordon standing proudly beside his girls in the snow, again waiting for them to be picked up by their big, yellow school bus.

This is the kind of wholesome content I live for.

The charity, which is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, made the decision following concerns the four-legged animals are thrown away like ‘rubbish’ over the festive period in particular.

January continues to have the highest number of surrenders, with 189 calls and 47 emails received by the charity in the first month of this year. The main reason people gave when looking to give up a dog was that they did not have enough time to look after it.

Dogs Trust has also warned people about buying dogs online, as puppy farms are becoming a growing concern across the UK.

How can anyone give up such an amazing and pure creature?


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