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Friday, December 13, 2019

Transgender Demands Extra Breast Implants On Head

Jolene Dawson

Botched has seen some crazy requests during its six seasons, but drew the line on the latest episode when a model requested breast implants on top of her head.

Jolene Dawson, a transgender model and self-proclaimed ‘Bratz Doll’ appeared on the show and asked Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to give her the unique breast augmentation.

‘I definitely, 100%, without a doubt need an implant in my head,’ Jolene explained. ‘So it would be two breast implants in my head, like two boobs!’

Jolene Dawson

The Australian patient also revealed they had spent $200,000 (£152,100) on their body transformation… ‘but wanted to cap it at a million’.

Despite looking stunning, Jolene then reeled off the numerous tweaks she still wanted done – including a trachea shave, brow bone shave and a jaw shave.

Dr Dubrow later told her: ‘I’m so happy that there are certain procedures that are designed to take you to the next level – the bone shaving, the jawline refinement…

‘But don’t be a pioneer testing the limits of surgery that could kill you.’

Judging from Jolene’s Instagram, she’s decided against getting the implants done.

Before heading onto the show, Jolene – based in Australia’s Gold Coast – has been public about her plastic surgery disasters, including a £5000 nose job that means she refused to leave the house.

She also had her belly button removed in 2018 in a bid to ‘look less human and more like a Bratz doll’.

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