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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Photo Of Super-sized Mosquito Sparks Terror

This image shows a huge bug that has been killed in a home in Argentina and has been compared to something from “Chernobyl” or “Jumanji”.

The enormous bug was reportedly found in a home in the city of Cordoba located in the central Argentine province of the same name.

A social media user named ‘Ezequiel Lobo’, posted a picture of the insect on Tuesday next to a mosquito.

Lobo, appearing to identify the mysterious insect as a mosquito, joked in the caption: “Look at the size of the mosquito that just came in through my window. He came in like a champion, my mother panicked and sprayed it with Raid. I haven’t found anything similar online. Either it’s Chernobyl’s new evolution or I just found out that I am in Jumanji”.

In the photo, the dead bug can be seen dwarfing the mosquito, which is much smaller.

Lobo asked for other users to comment if they had seen such an oversized specimen and one user said “the small one on the right side is Aedes aegypti and it can transmit Dengue fever, Yellow fever, Zika… the enormous one on the left is Psorophora ciliata, and it cannot cause anything like that.”

According to insect expert Michael H. Reiskind, Psorophora ciliata usually appear after flooding and their bite can cause significant pain.

However, they do not usually carry disease so they only pose a risk those who are allergic.

It is unclear if the bug has been confirmed as a Psorophora ciliata, which is indigenous to the eastern United States.

[ By 7NEWS ]

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