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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Raging Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend By Switching His Shower Gel With Hair Removal Cream

shower gel, hair remover

A raging woman has dished out the ultimate revenge on her cheating boyfriend by switching his shower gel for hair removal cream and bleaching messages into his clothes.

Twitter user Kianna uploaded a video showing all the ways in which her sister, Becca, decided to take out revenge on her love rat partner after discovering he had cheated on her.

Kiana captioned the video: “Sisters boyfriend cheated on her after having been together over a year and meeting her kids, her Snapchat has me in a kink.”

To start off her revenge, Becca began by using his toothbrush to wipe inside the toilet.

Secondly, she poured away his favourite Lynx shower gel and replaced it with Veets hair removal cream.

Her boyfriend’s ‘prized possession’ was a top from Stone Island, so Becca decided to snip through the garment with a pair of scissors.

Now, this all sounds pretty bad and for some people, that would be enough revenge for them to move on… But not Becca.

Becca then added bleach to a mug before using it to paint the words ‘I am…’, followed by a large penis.

shower gel, hair remover

She also left him a sticky present in his trainers and snipped holes away in his boxers.

Becca was full of creative ideas to satisfy her thirst for revenge, she even added chilli powder to some of his showering products and then wiped a toilet brush all over his football shirt.

So far, Kianna’s video has racked up over 5.1 million views on Twitter.

Of course, people took to the comments and shared their view on whether or not Becca had taken it too far.

“Forget the cost… get a restraining order, this girl has issues.”

Whilst another added: “So she’s cheated on AND is gonna have a lawsuit. 2020 starting strong for her.”

Meanwhile, one groom decided to get revenge on his actual WEDDING DAY after discovering his soon to be wife was having an affair with her brother-in-law.

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