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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Restaurant Charges Customers An Additional $0.38 For Asking “Stupid Questions”

Toms Diner, Stupid Question

“There is no stupid question.” How many times have you heard these words? Once, twice, maybe a thousand times?

The point is, we’ve heard a lot that teachers, coaches, and the like, encouraged us to express our opinions in the hope that we’ll learn in an encouraging environment. And for the most part, it works – until you ask a really stupid question and get the piss out of your peers, that is.

However, a restaurant in Denver takes a slightly different approach and actively encourages its guests not to ask stupid questions by adding a fee of 38 cents to their bill if they do.

Toms Diner, Stupid Question

Toms Diner, near East Colfax in Denver, Colorado, has been charging his customers since the restaurant opened in 1999 so it can be a bit of fun during the day.

Thanks to a recently published Reddit posting, in which the picture of a Tom’s Diner receipt was shared, it only became known outside the region. In addition to ordering chicken tenders and mashed potatoes, a separate fee of 38 cents was charged for “1 stupid question”.

The post sparked a lot of questions, especially: “What the hell?”, “Has Photoshop added the image?”, “Where can I find this restaurant?” And “What counts as a stupid question anyway?”

Although I am unable to answer the last (and most pressing) question, I can confirm that the receipt is genuine, as many guests have charged such a fee over the years in the 24-hour restaurant.

In fact, ‘Stupid Question’ is even on the restaurant’s menu – between ‘Extra Dressing’ and ‘Veggie of the Day’ – which causes a number of customers to deliberately come up with the stupidest questions they can think of qualify for the fee.

Toms Diner, Stupid Question

General Manager Hunter Landry’s favorites include: “Are there turkey club sandwich fees?” And “Does the ice contain water?”

Of course, the restaurant does not maliciously distribute the fee. Instead, Landry says it’s just fun and says TODAY Essen: “It’s supposed to be playful. It’s good to provide light in today’s world.”

The cost of the fee fluctuated over the years and the manager joked: “It used to be 48 cents, but we didn’t want to assess people.”

Toms Diner, Stupid Question

Landry, the nephew of Tom Messina (the Tom behind Tom’s diner), said his uncle added the fun option to the Denver Diner menu about 20 years ago.

He also said that employees are actually instructed never to incriminate people who are actually asking a silly question. Instead, they are asked to charge a fee for lively tables that are likely to see the fun side.

Incredible. Who wants to buy a flight to Denver to see how many stupid questions they can get away with?

[ By The Media Times ]

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