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Friday, January 31, 2020

Single Man Buys Huge Billboard In Order To Find Himself A Date

Mark Rofe

Single Man Buys Huge Billboard In Order To Find Himself A Date

Dating is hard enough, especially when you’re only ever one swipe away from the next best thing.

Sure the conventional dating apps are fun for a while, but it’s rare that matches ever lead to long-term relationships.

Plus there’s the added problem of standing out from the crowd; how are you meant to peacock when you’re surrounded by an endless amount of Adonises?

You need a new method, one that potential suitors will find impossible to ignore.

You need a billboard.

That’s exactly what 30-year old Mark Rofe did after growing tired of online dating, buying a billboard in Manchester to improve his chances of getting a date and finding a girlfriend.

“I realised I wasn’t having much luck on the dating apps so thought I’d try do something different and so decided to take things offline with a billboard.

It cost me £425 but it’s a small price to pay if I meet the love of my life.”

The billboard, which can be found on Fairfield Street in the centre of Manchester, shows a picture of Mark with the caption: ‘Single? Date Mark, this could be the sign you’ve been waiting for’ and mentions his website – –where interested parties can send Mark an application and let him know they’d like to date him.

Mark Rofe

Mark – a marketer from Sheffield – describes himself as “extremely modest” and “handsome” and admits that while “all his friends are getting married, I’m struggling to get a date.”

He’s uploaded a number of pictures of himself to the website – should you want to take a closer look at him – and listed everything you need to know:
Eye colour – #4e4f5f

Location – Sheffield

Shoe size – 10

Number of Girls Kissed – Over 3

Mark Rofe

Mark’s website also includes a number of FAQ’s and comments from friends, including one that says: ‘This is the most desperate thing I’ve ever seen. Please don’t include my name on the testimonial.’

I’m surprised a bloke this funny is still single to be honest.

Of course, Mark is all too aware of the pitfalls of dating and realises that his efforts may be fruitless.

However, he’s optimistic, adding:

“Even if I don’t find the one, it’s still a fun story to tell.”

Mark Rofe

If you think Mark’s a bit of you, which, let’s face it, he probably is, fire off an application at and wait for him to get in touch.

He’s already had 21 application so far though, (some of which he says are “definitely fake”) so get to it.

True love is at stake here!

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