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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Women With Big Boobs Suffer From Much Worse Colds Than Those With Flatter Chests, Research Reveals

Big Boobs, Small Boobs

BUSTY women suffer from much worse colds, research reveals.

They struggle with respiratory infections for twice as long as those with flatter chests.

Ladies with F-cup sized busts had colds, coughs and flus that lasted for an average of 8.3 days.

By comparison, AA- sized counterparts were unwell for just 3.8 days.

Those with the biggest breasts were up to 56 times more likely to take a course of antibiotics.

One theory is that fat in the boobs weakens the immune system — making it harder to recover from chest infections.

Scientists think the hormone leptin, which is produced in fatty tissue and affects the immune system, may be a culprit.

More than 400 young women were quizzed on the severity of colds, flu and other respiratory infections they suffered in the previous three years.

The Polish research, published in journal Arc-hives of Sexual Behaviour, concludes: “Breast size was positively related to respiratory infections.”

[ By The Sun ]

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