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Thursday, February 6, 2020

28-Year-Old doctor Dies After Working On Frontlines Against Wuhan Virus For 10 Days Straight

Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

A young doctor who had been working non-stop to fight against the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has died from apparent exhaustion.

28-year-old Song Yingjie was the deputy team leader of the pharmacy group at a health center in Hengshan county, Hunan province.

When the seriousness of the virus outbreak became apparent to everyone in China, he was assigned on January 23 to a local expressway inspection team. He was also responsible for distributing medical supplies to his colleagues.

Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

Over the next 10 days, Song worked as much and as hard as he possibly could.

After finishing his shift at midnight on February 3, he went back to his dormitory to rest. He was later found dead in his room by his colleagues.

He’s believed to have died from sudden cardiac arrest caused by exhaustion and overwork.

[ By Shanghaiist ]

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