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Saturday, February 8, 2020

90-Year-Old Woman Takes Care Of Infected Son As Other Family Members Refuse To See Him

Wuhan Coronavirus

Seeing that the Wuhan virus is spreading rapidly, people are fearful of going near those who are infected and will do everything they can to avoid getting infected themselves.

Some are so self-centred that they won’t even visit their own family members who are infected with the virus, leaving the patient to fight the virus alone.

However, this is no issue for a 90-year-old woman who wasn’t afraid of being around her son who was infected with the 2019-nCov.

Wuhan Coronavirus

According to China Press, a doctor shared how a 90-year-old woman came to see him at 2am on 3rd February for a medical examination. However, she was alone and the doctor was confused as to why none of her family members accompanied her to the hospital.

She then told him that she had been looking after her son who was infected with the new coronavirus and was being isolated in the intensive care unit (ICU).

She said the rest of his family members did not come to visit as they were afraid of being infected and added that she, however, was “fearless at 90”.

Before leaving the hospital, the woman asked for a pen and paper from the nurse and wrote her son a note to encourage him.

Wuhan Coronavirus

“Son, hold on, be strong, defeat the illness and cooperate with the doctor,” she wrote. 
“The breathing apparatus is uncomfortable, but you must bear with it.”
She then asked the nurse to help her transfer 500 yuan (RM296) to her son so he could buy his daily necessities.

What a selfless mother who still decided to see her infected son even though she could’ve gotten infected seeing that elderly people are more susceptible to the virus. A mother’s love truly knows no bounds.

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