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Monday, February 24, 2020

Flat-Earther Dies After Launching Himself 1,875ft Into The Air ‘To Prove Earth Is Flat’

Mad Mike Hughes Dies

A US daredevil pilot has died after his homemade rocket crashed into the ground as he tried to blast himself into outer space to check for himself whether the Earth is flat or a globe.

As you can probably tell from his name, 64-year-old ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes was just a little bit crazy, but he was also hugely entertaining and well-known in the flat Earth community not just for his beliefs but also for his daredevil stunts (a similar stunt landed him in hospital in 2018).

Here’s the footage of his steam-powered rocket being fired into the sky near Barstow, California, before crashing into the ground shortly after (according to, the launch was going to feature in a new TV series about amateur rocket makers):


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