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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Man Burns To Death Woman Who Called Him Fat

Ali Heri Sanjaya

The term fiery passion invokes images of love and romance for many people. But for 27-year-old Ali Heri Sanjaya, ‘fiery passion’ probably meant burning someone out of revenge.

Ali worked in Banyuwangi, Indonesia where he was bullied by his 18-year-old female colleague Rosida. Rosida who may not have been very creative with her insults, bullied Ali for being fat and said he looked like a ‘sumo wrestler’.

Ali Heri Sanjaya

On Jan 24, Rosida went missing and her family lodged a report. Unfortunately, when she was found by the authorities she was dead and 75% burnt. A manhunt was initiated to search for Ali a few days later, where he was found in a local hotel and arrested. He would most likely be facing a homicide charge, which carries the death penalty in Indonesia.

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