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Friday, February 28, 2020

People In Singapore Allegedly Using Condoms To Protect Their Fingers When Pressing Elevator Buttons

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Condom, Singapore

Singapore has declared the country to be on ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ (DORSCON) orange level alert on February 7th, just one level below red, the highest alert in the system. There are now a total of 47 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Singapore.

In response to this announcement, Singaporeans have gone into a frenzy and rushed to the stores in preparation for an outbreak in case they need to barricade themselves at home. They cleared out the pharmacies and grocery stores by stocking up on essentials even though the government assured them that there is no need to hoard supplies.

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Condom, Singapore

Items like masks, hand sanitisers, tissues, non-perishable food items are understandable enough but weirdly, one of the items that are selling like hotcakes is actually condoms. Singaporeans have descended on the condom shelf like a plague of locusts and left it empty and barren. Why though? 

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Condom, Singapore

Based on photos shared by Singaporean netizens on Reddit and Twitter, it is believed that people might actually be using them to protect their fingers when they need to press on any elevator buttons. Whut? Elevators may be a high-risk area to contract COVID-19 but covering your finger with a condom is not very practical or hygienic. Why not use a glove or literally anything else?

Of course, there were some of them who said that people stocked up on condoms because they had nothing else to do when they were staying in with their significant others. Or perhaps if people are really wasting condoms to protect their fingers, then maybe Singapore can expect a population boom at the end of the year?

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Condom, Singapore

Jokes aside, the proper way to protect yourselves from the coronavirus is to always wash your hands with soap and water, avoid touching your face with your hands and wear a mask when you are outside or in crowded areas. Use a tissue if you sneeze or cough as the virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets and contact. Go to the doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, coughing, sneezing or shortness of breath.

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