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Saturday, February 8, 2020

US Man Wears Plastic Tent On Plane To Avoid Coronavirus


A US businessman has tested out his wearable plastic tent on an aeroplane in an attempt to avoid coronavirus.

Rick Pescovitz is the CEO of StadiumPod, which produces plastic tents worn over the torso by sport spectators wishing to avoid the rain.

The Cincinnati man tested a second use for his pods by wearing one on an aeroplane in light of the coronavirus outbreak which has killed 638 people to date.

Pescovitz's brother David told blog Boing Boing that a flight attendant happily took his brother's photo after he wore one of his blue tents on a plane.

"As travelers are taking unusual steps to protect themselves from the brother thought to see how his StadiumPod would work on an airplane," David said.

"The man who sat next to him didn't even bat an eye.

"Stay safe out there!"

Rick Pescovitz is now wondering if his tents could be used on aeroplanes by travellers paranoid about the coronavirus.

The inventor pitched his weather-proof pods on Shark Tank USA in 2017.

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