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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Woman Scares Away Attempted Rapist By Telling Him She Is From Wuhan

A woman in China has scared away a would-be sex offender during the coronavirus outbreak by pretending to cough and telling him that she was from Wuhan.

The suspect, named by police as 25-year-old Xiao, broke into the victim's bedroom last Friday night in the city of Jingshan near Wuhan, according to police.

As he tried to launch sexual assault on the victim who was by herself, the healthy woman shouted in desperation: 'I just returned from Wuhan and have been infected, therefore I am home alone in self-quarantine.'

The victim, named by police as Yi, also pretended to cough while trying to push away Xiao, who was attempting to squeeze her neck and cover her mouth.

But after hearing Yi's claims, the culprit was frightened and fled - but not before robbing Yi of 3,080 yuan (£338) in cash.

The incident took place in the township of Pingba on the outskirts of Jingshan, which is a three-hour drive from Wuhan.

It was revealed by Jingshan Public Security Bureau in a social media post on Monday. 

The police said Xiao, a local resident, had walked out on his family the same night and had no money, therefore he intended to rob.

After he sneaked into Yi's home and saw her on her own, he thought of carrying out sexual assault.

Yi called the police right away and police launched a manhunt in the town. Officers confessed that investigation was difficult because all residents were wearing face masks to protect them from the coronavirus.

Eventually, Xiao turned himself in, accompanied by his father, in the wee hours of Monday.

He admitted his guilt and is now in detention.

The death toll from the epidemic continues to rise in China as the country's National Health Commission reported 64 new deaths overnight and Hong Kong saw its first victim today.

The deadly disease, which can spread between humans, has killed at least 427 people and infected more than 20,700 globally.
[ By Mail Online ]

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