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Friday, March 20, 2020

Former Bodybuilder Spends $110,000 To Transition From Male To Female

Allie Rose Keeler

A former bodybuilder who hid behind her masculine, alpha male figure for 30 years has finally accepted her true identity — and transitioned to become a woman.

Allie Rose Keeler from Montana always knew she was different, but was terrified to reveal her gender identity issues to her socially conservative parents.

Instead, the 36-year-old accentuated her masculinity, becoming a personal trainer and building a buff, muscular physique — until she finally embraced her true self and spent $110,000 on gender reassignment surgery.

Allie Rose  Keeler

Allie knew she was different as early as four years old. By age 14, she realized that she was trans.

But, she wrote in a 2018 essay she wrote for Medium, she grew up in a Conservative state, 'surrounded by people who would prefer that I didn’t exist.'

So she felt the need to hide who she was inside, and went that extra mile to look as masculine as possible, hitting the gym and building up big, bulky muscles.

She even became a personal trainer and would take shots of testosterone.

'For over 20 years, I tried my hardest to shove my feelings regarding my gender identity as far down as I possibly could,' she explained on Instagram.

Allie Rose Keeler

'I wrestled with it since my teens and as I entered my 30's, the only thing I could do was to try to "man up" as best as I could, to the extent that only those closest to me were privy to seeing through the cracks in the metaphorical armor I had constructed.'

It made her 'grit my teeth in self hatred and an ever growing voice from deep in my soul implor[ed] me to stop imprisoning the woman I was inside.'

But in August of 2016, Allie's mother survived a massive heart attack, and she realized that life was too short to keep living a lie.

'When I finally made the choice to accept who I was, the dam broke and Pandora's box was opened,' she said.

In April of 2017, Allie started seeing a gender identity therapist. She started hormone therapy, and has since undergone three surgeries and 15 hair removal sessions.

All in all, it's cost her about $110,000.

Allie Rose Keeler

She's still a personal trainer, and takes pride in her muscles — but she's more at peace with who she is.

'While I can still see a lot of my old self in me — the best parts — that jacked bro with a chip on his shoulder has melted away for the better,' she wrote on Instagram.

'It doesn't always feel that way, considering the losses experienced, but hopefully as time goes on, that will become more apparent.

'I have also felt complete in my own body for the first time in my life and am finally starting to be able to focus on non-transition related goals,' she added.

'I am now at this surreal place where I see a woman looking back at me, but am also aware of the trenches that I have to crawl through to rebuild the life I thought I once had or felt secure in as the last parts of my old life break apart and I am forced to start over — this time from essentially square one, without male privilege, but now as my authentic self.'

Allie Rose Keeler Surgery

Allie Rose Keeler Transformation

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