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Monday, March 9, 2020

Girl Brags About ‘Getting Her Second Abortion’ In Tiktok

Tiktok Abortion

A shocking TikTok video shows a California woman undergoing her 'second abortion'.

The since-deleted video, titled 'Abortion time, take 2,' shows the young woman getting dressed in front of a mirror while her friend holds up a positive pregnancy test.

The video's caption suggests that this is also her second abortion. A remix of Bruno Mars' 'It Will Rain' plays in the background.

She appears to be wiping something from her eye, suggesting that she may have been crying after learning the news of her pregnancy.

'How do you feel Ashley,' the girl's friend can be heard asking as the woman looks in the mirror.

The clip jumps to show the young woman poking her stomach out before it jumps again to show the front of a Planned Parenthood in Pasadena, California.

Inside the clinic, a couple sits solemnly in a corner of the facility. Ashley and her camera person caption the segment: 'There's two abortion moods.'

Tiktok Abortion

GirlTiktok Abortion

The camera pans to show Ashley doing the shoot dance.

The clip comes to an end showing Ashley sitting on a hospital bed and getting an ultrasound.

Tiktok Abortion

It is unknown if she actually underwent the procedure.

Lila Rose, president of the pro-life group Live Action, posted the video to Twitter before it was removed for violating the platform's rules.

'Twitter just locked my account until I removed the TikTok video of the girl joking & filming her abortion at @PPFA,' she said in a follow up tweet.

Tiktok Abortion

'After your RTs & outcry, TikTok removed the girl’s account. Let’s pray for her & work to end the “pro-choice” brainwashing that dehumanizes & kills helpless babies.'

And while many agreed with Rose's sentiment, there was a pro-choice advocate who continued stressing why some take the step.

'Whilst the video is distasteful to say the least, the rights of the mother must always come before the rights of the foetus,' said the user. 'Pro-Choice is not brainwashing. It's giving someone their basic human right- freedom. Freedom to make their own choices about their own life.'

Both #Prolife and #abortion tags on TikTok have well over 70 million views on the social media platform.

Tiktok Abortion

[ By Daily Mail ]

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