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Friday, March 20, 2020

Global Death Toll From Coronavirus Shoots Above 10,000

coronavirus deaths

The global coronavirus death toll has now exceeded 10,000, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, and the number of confirmed cases is fast approaching 250,000. More than 14,000 people in the United States have tested positive and 205 people have died from the disease. The new figures come as some states take unprecedented measures to stop the spread of the virus—California ordered its 40 million residents to stay at home except for essential activities beginning Thursday night.

coronavirus deaths

Elsewhere in the world, China recorded no new domestically transmitted coronavirus cases for a second day running, but said 39 new cases were imported by residents returning from international travel. Hong Kong recorded 48 new infections Friday, which is the biggest daily jump since testing began. In Italy, positive tests surpassed 40,000 and 3,405 people have died. Iran and Spain’s cases have both risen over 18,000, Germany’s number of positive tests has topped 15,000, while the United Kingdom has now reported 3,269 cases.

[ By Daily Beast ]

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