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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Japanese Store Put Curse To Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Panic


Japanese store resorts to CURSING its toilet paper in a bid to stop thieves from stealing it amid coronavirus panic
A Japanese convenience store has put a curse on its supply of toilet paper in a bid to stop thieves from stealing it amid the coronavirus panic.

The shop in the Niigata Prefecture district of Honshu Island erected signs in its restrooms to ward off any would-be bandits.

The ominous signs featured the kanji characters for 'hunger' and 'evil' along with three all-seeing eyes.

One employee shared the drastic measures on Twitter in a post that read: 'Recently, the stock of toilet paper in the customer's restroom where I work has been disappearing quickly.

'So I handmade a few designs as a little mood-altering interior decoration and stopped losing paper.'

The social media user, @moemoekohu, said around 10 to 20 toilet rolls were usually kept in the restroom cupboard but that they had all disappeared in less than a day.


Thieves had completely ignored the abundant stock of toilet paper that was for sale on the shop floor and instead targeted the free supplies.

Speaking to J-Town Net, the employee later said: 'I think humans naturally fear the unknown and curses.

'I used that in this case and am glad it worked out as I had hoped.'

Others were quick to comment on the simple but effective method.

One user wrote: 'Brilliant. Who wants to risk a curse over a roll of toilet paper?'

Another added: 'That's really good art. It's simple but unsettling.'

And a third commented: 'That's amazingly effective and looks cool too.'

[ By Mail Online ]

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