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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Malawian Pastor Reportedly Selling Soap That Wash Away Sins

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

A Malawian man known as “Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,” is allegedly selling a soap bearing his photo, claiming that it can wash your sins away.

To get more people to patronize them, promoters are claiming that the Lion of Judah soap (also known as Bushiri Soap) will give them the free pass to do sinful acts during the day and then they can just cleanse themselves at night.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

According to reports, the magical soap costs $50USD or 5,035 in Malawian Kwacha currency. As the soap advertisement circulated in social media, many people criticized the product saying that the strategy is “one way of the prophet to milk honey from the congregants”.

“Free to sin the whole day and cleanse yourself in the evening with this Bushiri soap” the soaps’ advertisement reads.

On his Facebook page, however, Bushiri, founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Ministries in Malawi, slammed the said soap and denied that his church is selling such products. He explained that this is just another propaganda to “tarnish our name and the image of our ministry”.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

“Beware of their propaganda against our ministry. All the images below are fake! They are doing this simply to tarnish our name and the image of our ministry,” he said on his Facebook page.

Bushiri also mentioned that he received reports just few months ago that there are promoters selling another Bushiri brand – the blood of Jesus and anointed pregnancy tests.

“But praise be to God we are bigger than this small propaganda,” he added.


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