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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Man Kills A Neighbor Who Frequently Asks ‘When Are You Getting Married?’


When you are old enough or possibly also old, among the most annoying questions you will face is, “When are you getting wed?” You generally hear this concern coming from your relatives and/or associates, and although in some cases it’s too irritating, you can refrain anything about it other than thinking of a response or simply sigh away and also proceed.

Yet a 28-year-old male in Indonesia has taken it also far and also murdered his expecting neighbor after he was annoyed by her repeated inquiry regarding his singlehood, according to media reports.
The stunning case happened in Kampung Pasir Jonge on January 19. The victim was determined as 32-year-old Aisyah.


According to records, while visiting Faiz Nurdin that day at his house, Aisyah had actually asked him to obtain wed asap as others were currently married, a cops agent priced estimate the wrongdoer as claiming.

The representative said Faiz additionally felt upset when she asked him, “Why aren’t you getting wed yet?”

Later in the day, according to reports, an insulted Faiz went to Aisyah’s residence and strangled her to death with his bare hands in her bedroom. She had bitten his fingers while attempting to protect herself, police stated.


After eliminating her, Faiz got away to Jakarta’s Kalideres after taking her smartphone and also cash amounting to RM230 [around $59]

However, authorities caught him during a raid, in the process of which he was fired in the leg. Police also seized a motorbike along with Faiz’s various other items.

Media reports claimed the man would certainly deal with life imprisonment if confirmed guilty.

[By 90s News]

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