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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Man With 2.9 Inch Micropenis Says He's 'Like A Jedi Warrior' In Bed

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is confident the size of his manhood doesn’t matter because ultimately, ‘penetration is only the finale of sex’.

In fact, the 31-year-old – an army veteran and scaffolder who is originally from Hereford but is currently living in New Zealand – has claimed his penis has actually made him more skilled in the bedroom.

Michael Harris

Michael is now welcoming a new dating agency, called Dinky One, which was launched this week and hopes to ‘normalise’ small penises by catering for men who have penises that are less than 5.5 inches.

The scaffolder has said he is ‘all for it’ if it makes both men and women more comfortable about dating, adding: ‘There are many women who would actually prefer to date men with smaller willies because a lot of men, like me, are much better in bed because we’re more thoughtful and inventive’.

His only concern is that the website could be used as a ‘comedy tool’, with people ‘trolling guys with small willies and making fun of them’. Hopefully that won’t happen though, with the site already having 27,762 members.

Although many believe size really does matter, Michael disputes this, saying he doesn’t believe women are ‘all that concerned’ about what size his penis is.

He continued:

I’ve never had a bad review – in fact quite the opposite! Guys need to be more aware that sex is far more than just slamming it in and going for gold. I am basically like a Jedi warrior with my skills and that’s even before I begin the actual intercourse!

I am living proof that sex is all about technique, not size. To be blunt, once the willy is erect it doesn’t make much difference. In general men are far too ‘hung up’ about their body parts. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Despite his unwavering confidence now, Michael did used to ‘worry’ about the size of his penis when he was growing up. And while he’s never had a girl tell him ‘oh, that’s a small one’, he did used to get a lot of stick for it while in the army.

He explained:

I used to get loads of banter about the size of my willy. Friends used to say, ‘Oi, mate, I’ve got something stuck in my teeth, can I use your willy?’ Or I would get called ‘the micropenis guy’.

Michael never let this get to him though, stating: ‘I am a big, fit guy and nothing really intimidates me’. And once he started dating girls in his late teens, he realised he had ‘absolutely nothing to worry about’.

The scaffolder believes it’s ‘pointless’ to worry about the size of your penis, especially because porn puts pressure on men to have ‘enormous dicks’ which ultimately ‘isn’t natural’. ‘Men should not compare themselves to those guys,’ he said.

Because of this, Michael would ‘never’ consider having a penis enlargement operation – ‘what if something went wrong?’ – and instead thinks men with small willies should just embrace it and use it to their advantage.

What a hero.

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