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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sleep Expert Invents Anti-Snore Device That Shocks Your Tongue

There's nothing quite like the sound of your partner's deafening snores to put a strain on even the strongest of relationships.

But you might finally be able to silence their snoring and get a good night's sleep once and for all - thanks to a brand new gadget.


NHS surgeon and sleep disorders expert Professor Anshul Sama has invented something called the Snoozeal that silences snoring.

It's a flexible oral device which fits into the base of the mouth and has to be worn for 20 minutes at any time of the day for six weeks - just not when you're asleep.

It contains two electrodes that rest against the tongue on either side.

Your tongue is then zapped with a tiny current which is controlled by an app on your smartphone.


The current is said to tighten up floppy muscles in the tongue and at the back of the throat - which are often the cause of snoring.

Sufferers can then check whether their snoring is improving through the app which can record and track users' sleep.

Backed by private and Government funding, Prof Sama, based in Nottingham, has been refining his invention for several years and hopes to launch it later this year.

Speaking about the Snoozeal, he told the Daily Mirror: “Many devices on offer do not work and are unpopular because they have to be worn at night...

“So my aim was to develop something that could be used for a short period of time once during the day.”


And following trials of both male and female patients at University College Hospital in London and Germany, the Snoozeal proved to work in an impressive 70 per cent of cases.

And in the cases when snoring wasn't eliminated it was significantly reduced.

Professor Bhik Kotchea, who ran the independent UCLH trial, said: "The patients liked it and the results were very encouraging."

London pub landlady Louise Fitzpatrick, 50, has credited the device for getting rid of her snoring - which has plagued her and her partner Martin Whelan for ten years.

She had previously tried mouth-guards and other over-the-counter anti-snoring remedies to no avail.

Louise said: "I was resigned to surgery but within a couple of weeks on the Snoozeal trial I started to notice a change.

"And by the end of the six weeks I was hardly snoring at all.

"I was amazed. I’m now less tired and I no longer get complaints from Martin."

Other ways to combat snoring include losing weight, stopping boozing and getting fitter.

Alternatively, if you need a quicker fix then investing in a £10 plant from ASDA may help as it was recently revealed that it could stop you snoring.

Pineapple plants are said to reduce snoring thanks to their night-time oxygen production.

In fact, according to NASA studies, pineapple plants also improve air quality throughout the night and therefore aid better and quieter sleep.

And this chuffed wife claimed a £12 pillow "stopped her husband's snoring" thanks to its internal foam core which moulds to the body and helps improve breathing and alignment.

The Snoozeal is currently unable to purchase but you can find out more here.

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