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Monday, March 2, 2020

Student Has Five Sugar Daddies That Help Her Pay Off Her Student Loan

Gracie Adamas, Sugar Baby

Getting by as a student is challenging no matter where you live, and most people have to supplement their student loans with a bit of bar work.

Gracie Adamas, however, has swapped minimum wage work in favor of being a sugar baby, and she earns enough money to support her daily living and even put some money at her student debt. Adams, from Belfast, Ireland, signed up to a website called Seeking Arrangements when she was just 17 years old, and she now has five sugar daddies. She meets three of them regularly.

She’s now a psychology student in her first year, and she says that all of her relationships are platonic. She earns more than £300 ($385) each date, and her sugar daddies are paying for her outfit, meal, and they even leave an additional tip, which is sometimes £150 ($193).

Gracie Adamas, Sugar Baby

She said that she first signed up to Seeking Arrangements when she was almost 18 years old, and she wasn’t thinking of seriously committing to the whole “sugar-baby” life. However, as she was moving to university, she found out that many women at university had signed up to the site, and most of them had positive experiences. The “sugar-baby” lifestyle has helped them through student life, and not only that they keep up with rent payments, they even have cars at university. The site has helped her become more confident in talking to men online and what to look out for, as many men lie about themselves and what they do, which is her biggest worry.

Gracie has the full support of her family and her boyfriend, and she said that she asked her boyfriend for his opinion and if he would be okay if she started being more serious about it. At first, he wanted to know what she would be doing with the sugar daddies, but when she told him that she would only be interested in starting platonic relationships and mentorships, he understood. He also knew that she was struggling with money, and he’s now very supportive of her and the relationships she builds on Seeking Arrangements.

Her family is also supportive of her lifestyle, but, expectedly, they sometimes worry about her safety online.
[ By Fem Positive ]

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