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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tiktok User Starts ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ By Licking Airplane Toilet Seat

valouiise, tiktok challenge

By now, it has become common fact that the Covid-19 virus is rather infectious.

But TikTok user @avalouiise proved that a lack of common sense can actually be more dangerous than the disease itself.

The video was captioned “coronavirus challenge”.

From her Instagram page, Louise is seen to be largely based in America.

The clip was subsequently re-shared on Twitter by an unrelated party, where it has since gotten 4.4 million views.

Since her video has gone viral, Louise appears to be enjoying the attention.

She had apparently done it to be featured on CNN.

The TikTok user added that she “cloroxed” the toilet seat for 40 minutes, using the Clorox brand of disinfectant as a verb.

Tiktok Challenge

Louise claims that she has made $4,000 from being a viral sensation.



One of Louise’s friends said that she’s been put on a “no fly list” for her video.


Meanwhile, another user joined in the challenge...

Tiktok Challenge

Despite crowing about the deed, Louise removed her video from TikTok around 11:30am on Monday, about one day after it was originally posted.

Or maybe TikTok did.


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