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Thursday, March 12, 2020

To Prevent Virus Spread, Mayor Bans Gossiping


GENERAL LUNA, Quezon: To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Mayor Matt Erwin Florido of this town has banned gossiping.

He also stopped the use of biometrics or logbooks to record the attendance of local government employees, saying that for now, he will rely on the honesty of personnel.

The mayor likewise banned the sharing of pens and directed all personnel to sanitize their hands before signing any document.

He also advised municipal employees to avoid attending weddings, baptisms and birthday parties.

Above all, he warned employees to take a bath before reporting to work. In a memorandum, he called on workers to report to him those who are too lazy to take a shower.

Florido said he was serious in implementing precautionary measures to protect residents from the dreaded virus.

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