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Friday, March 20, 2020

VIDEO: Coronavirus Patients Gasp For Air In ‘Bubble Helmets’

Coronavirus patients gasp for air in ‘bubble helmets’ on ‘apocalypse’ ward as Italy overtakes China with 3,405 deaths

Italy coronavirus death

DISTRESSING footage shows coronavirus patients in Italy wearing “plastic bubbles” on their heads while gasping for air.

The video was taken in an emergency ward in Bergamo hospital in Lombardy as the country's death rate surged above China's with 3,405 people dead.

Italy coronavirus death

The 'bubble' helmets help equalise the air pressure in the lungs but hinder the medical staff's ability to communicate with patients.

In the clip, hazmat suit-wearing medics are shown rushing between patients in a tightly-packed ward as the victims can be heard gasping for air while ICU machines beep continuously.

Doctors in the region are reportedly calling the deadly outbreak “the Apocalypse” as the country recorded 427 new deaths in 24 hours making it the new epicentre of the crisis with 41,000 recorded cases.

While the pictures from Bergamo hospital may look like an intensive care unit, they were actually taken in a crowded emergency arrivals ward because the ICU is packed full.

According to Sky News, the influx of patients to the facility is an " absolute constant" and the pandemic is a "catastrophic emergency" which is "out of control"

Dr Roberto Cosentini told the broadcaster that COVID-19 is not like the common flu, saying: "No, it's utterly another thing. "More pneumonia than's a very severe pneumonia and so it's a massive strain for every health system."

Italy coronavirus death


He added: "Every day we see 50 to 60 patients who come into our emergency department with pneumonia and most of them are so severe they need very high levels of FIO2 or oxygen."

Dr Lorenzo Grazioli, who worked for the NHS in Leicester for one year, urged the UK to follow the example of China and Italy and lock everything down.

He says it is the only way to beat the virus.

According to Sky News, the medics at Bergamo wanted Britain to see the footage and sent a simple message: "Get ready."

Dr Grazioli said: "I have never felt so stressed in my life, I'm an intensivist, and I am quite used to intense moments, and the choices, and people are critical and die without any treatment, and you [usually] make the difference.

"But when you are at this point you realise that you are not enough.

"We are 100 anaesthetists, we are doing our best, but maybe it's not enough."

Another clip which emerged yesterday shows dozens of gravely ill patients on ventilators in crammed-full rooms and lining the corridors in San Marco Zingonia Hospital.

The footage was filmed by a nurse in the intensive care unit in the city of Bergamo.

Italian journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli explained how the hospital is handling a lot of urgent coronavirus cases and most patients have "serious breathing problems".

According to reports, proud citizens in the city paid tribute to medics by placing a large poster at the hospital entrance that read "you are our heroes".

Bergamo is said to be one of the worst hit cities in Italy and the local authorities are currently building a temporary hospital to assist with the number of virus cases, according to local media.

Pina Onotri, general secretary of the Union of Italian Doctors, has reportedly sent a letter to the Italian government asking for all medics to be tested for the virus so they do not get infected by patients who are not displaying symptoms.

Reports said that two Italian doctors recently died of the deadly disease while hundreds of medics have been diagnosed with the virus.

Onotri also complained about the shortage of protection gear — especially face masks.

In Italy, more than 41,000 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed and 3,405 people have died while over 4,000 have recovered from the bug.

In ongoing efforts to try and curb the ever-worsening epidemic, the country remains under strict lockdown beyond previous deadlines due to expire later this month and in early April.

In comments to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said measures taken to close schools, universities and to impose severe restrictions on movement would have to be prolonged.

Under current measures, Italy's 60 million people are only allowed to travel for work, medical reasons or emergencies under an order that runs until April 3.

Meanwhile, most shops — except those selling food and pharmacies — are supposed to remain closed until March 25.

Troops are now removing bodies from a coronavirus-hit city which can no longer cope with the numbers dying.

Army vehicles have been brought in to transport dozens of coffins from Bergamo to cities and towns across the north of Italy.

Elsewhere, chilling pictures show coronavirus patients being treated in an intensive care unit in Italy by medics wearing hazmat suits.

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